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Submitted on
January 29, 2014


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I miss you love of mine
the only one who had my heart compelled
lasting memories of lying in your arms
had me love-struck, as if under a spell
my love for you honey, it never failed

I want you again
for you and only you, my heart rebelled
the memories of mine will never fade
when the love I had rang clear as a bell
my love for you sugar, I never withheld

I need you now love
it was my heart and only mine you held
I cling to the past and I’ll never forget
I fell for you darling, I fell and I fell
my love for you baby, it always excelled

I miss you love of mine
my eyes filled with tears and they swelled
when you left me for the light
my heart broke sweetie, still under your spell
my love for you honey, it never failed
ZellRozen Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
That's lovely, The recipent is lucky :-) 
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